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Trista Sor wants more than 3 Stars

How often do you see couples blogging together? Most males shun blogging because it’s probably deemed as a feminine and troublesome thing to do. Talk about attending events, talking to people, taking selfies, uploading photos, writing. Most guys would rather spend their time playing the computer, listening to music or meddle into cars, IT or business stuff.

Trista found herself blogging with her loved one, Gerald Png, also an influencer & Digital strategist with TIN. In fact, she introduced her boyfriend to the realm of blogging and the duo is happily leading their ‘Influencer’ lifestyle.

Trista, who enjoys changing her hair colour often shared about why you should visit her blog and her dreams ahead.

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1. Tell us more about yourself.

Full time graphic designer by the day, and blogger by… every single moment.

With a name like Trista, people often call me 3 star, twister, and the list goes on. I’m fine with all of them but I’m definitely worth more than 3 stars so please just call me Tris or triissy and everyone stays happy 😀 You’d be bombarded with pink once you enter my blog and while I do love pink alot, I don’t like wearing them and I used to hate pink until puberty hit me full force.

In my free time, I love skateboarding, baking, gaming and just rolling around the house with Gerald – my korean boyfriend. HAHA! Check him out on his instagram @geraldpng!

Not forgetting steamboating with my friends, we can have at least 2 steamboats in a month and if you love steamboats too I think we are already good friends 😀

2. What are some key focus in your blog?

I’m a Jill of all trades so I know a little bit of everything and I love sharing it to my readers. I share mostly on beauty products, how to look good, and my crazy hair journey – from red to blonde to green to purple to pink to black and back to blonde.

Besides looking pretty, I also share reviews on my food adventures as well as baking/cooking recipes. Time to time, I’ll share my views and thoughts on certain topics like one of my older posts: 10 things that can ruin a friendship or even gift ideas!

3. Why should people visit your blog?

While being informative, I love the idea of being slightly informal in my style of blogging because that makes my reader feel closer and in touch with what I’m sharing and they’d definitely feel that I’m talking to them just like I would in real life. All you need is a little imagination and have fun! Because I hate being fake, you readers can expect the ‘realest’, most honest and genuine reviews and thoughts from my blog.

4. Can you name one blogger whom you look up to and why?

Andrea Chong. Not only is she gorgeous, she’s also really nice to her readers and clients. I’ve personally rubbed shoulders with her before and while she takes the best fashion ootds, she’s real and friendly. She’s obviously famous with 126k followers but she doesn’t act like you owe her a living. Her photos on her instagram are perrrrfffeecccttttt. I’m a fangirl!

5. If you have one day to live, what would you do?

I would write letters thanking my loved ones for everything thus far and not actually tell them it’s my last day, then have a steamboat meal with all of them and spend the day with them playing games and chit chatting before I go to sleep beside Gerald, happy and satisfied thinking I passed out from food coma except that I’ll never wake up again. Not forgetting a blog post dedicated to my readers and instagram followers.

6. Fame, Power or Fortune, if you could pick one.

Could I actually pick something not from the 3 choices? SKINNY. I’ve always been made fun of because of my size and I’m not the skinniest of all bloggers which makes me pretty insecure at times but to be serious, I’d pick Power.

This might be a women thing because most of us want power as this is the new century and it’s no longer just about the guys. When you have power to influence, you will definitely get noticed.

When you influence positively, you’ll get happiness which is something money can’t buy so too much fortune is pretty useless to me.

7. What are your plans in the next 5 years?

The future is uncertain but irregardless of that, I’ll continue to work hard and climb the ladder to success, power and fame in the blogging industry and also to be a creative director at my work place.

Everything is achievable and attainable as long as you don’t give up and stay on track. (Which reminds me I really need to get serious about losing some weight.)

And in my personal life, to get married and have my own love nest with Gerald!

Seems pretty exciting and promising I’m at the tip of my toes already!!!!! :p

Thank you for giving me this chance for a short interview!



Edited by Dennis Toh

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