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Turn on your SG Vibe with more Singapore stickers to share on Viber

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Viber, the leading OTT communications app offering free messaging and HD-quality calls, released two additional localized sticker packs with even more Singaporean content. As Singapore celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, Viber is joining the festivities with special Singaporean stickers to honor Singapore’s unique culture and society. After releasing its first localized pack reflecting Singapore’s vibrant culture, Viber’s new sticker packs, entitled Singapore Shiok! and Fun in Singapore!, showcase Singapore’s lifestyle and some of its key landmarks while featuring a wide range of popular Singlish expressions and Singaporean slang.

Designed by a local Singaporean creative agency, the sticker packs are localized versions of two iconic Viber family characters. One pack includes the popular ‘Freddie’, ‘Eve’ and ‘Rocco’, while the other pack features the adorable ‘Mayo’, ‘Blue’, ‘Yango’ and its green bird.

The Singapore Shiok! sticker pack is a dive into a typical day in Singapore and gives SG users new fun ways to express themselves on their way to work, at the office or during their free time. Commuters in the MRT and all those looking for a taxi in the Little Red Dot now have dedicated stickers to share with their friends and colleagues to let them know they are on their way.

This sticker pack offers a genuine local experience to Singaporean users as it includes many of their favorite expressions like ‘Can’, Paiseh’, ‘Corright’, ‘Chio Bu’, ‘Simi’, ‘Shiok’, ‘Buay Tahan’ and ‘Bojio’ among others. There are also plenty of funny stickers to ask your friends to watch a movie or tell them you are broke in a uniquely Singaporean way. Finally, the sticker pack features exclusive creative stickers from leading institutions and brands in Singapore such as non-profit youth hub *SCAPE and leading global e-commerce player Rakuten.

The ‘Fun in Singapore’ sticker pack displays many local entertaining activities and includes key Singapore landmarks and popular places. In your time off and when the weekend begins, you now have customized stickers to send to your friends and loved ones to tell them where you are and what you are up to. If you’re heading to East Coast Park cycling and camping or thinking of enjoying a nice concert at the Botanic Gardens, you now have tailored stickers to communicate these activities. Finally, if you’re more in the mood for shopping, you also have special ‘Orchard Road’ and ‘MBS’ stickers to share with your shopping buddies.

Viber continues to spread the SG vibe. The first Singapore localized sticker pack, Singapore Lah, was released in February 2015 and features more than 50 unique stickers reflecting Singapore’s vibrant multicultural society.

All three Singapore localized sticker packs are now available to download for free from the Viber Sticker Market.

To join the conversation about the Singapore sticker packs on social media, search for #ViberSGstickers.

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