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TV Programme about Cruises to San-In area in Japan to air on MediaCorp Channel 5

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Starting January 3, Singaporeans would be able to learn more about the San-in area, the southwest part of Japan, from new TV Programme, “Enjoy! Cruise Japan!”. Hosted by Asia’s popular travel show presenter, Anita Kapoor, “Enjoy! Cruise Japan!” will feature cruises around Asia and to Japan. Cruises have become an increasingly popular way for tourists to travel to San-in, with the area seeing the number of visitors by ship hit a record high in 2014. This travel programme will show viewers this new and exciting way to arrive in and explore Japan. Other than the cruises, this programme will also highlight the food, nature, history and culture that San-in area boasts, including the seafood delicacies from Sakaiminato, Tottori, the castles and shrines of Shimane and the magnificent Mount Daisen. “Hosting this programme has revealed to me a different way to travel to and explore cities,” said Anita Kapoor. “A cruise allows me to leisurely enjoy the open sea, immerse in scenery, and then explore on shore. It is a beautiful, relaxing combination and a fun and comfortable way to see a country.” The programme will be airing in Singapore on MediaCorp Channel 5 once a week from 3 January 2016 to 24 January 2016 at 12:30pm. It expects to garner about a million viewers over four episodes. The programme will also be airing in both Japan and the Philippines.

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