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Up and coming Young Singaporean Actresses you should know about

In Singapore’s entertainment industry, pretty faces are everywhere, but the talented ones are rare! These 5 up and coming young Singaporean actresses have dominated TV screens and captured our hearts with their charm and charisma. You may be familiar with some of them, but if you’re not, it’s time to get acquainted!

1. JJ Neo

Photo Credit: JJ Neo

We can’t fault anyone for mistaking JJ Neo for JJ Lin. After all, they both write songs, have the same stage name and even went to the same JC! The younger daughter of Channel 8’s former host Lucy Chow has a knack for song-writing and has since released a few songs titled “Mei Shi Jian” and “The Light”. Besides music, she also dabbles in acting, showing her on-screen talents on Fresh Takes! and A World Of Difference – also starring Romeo Tan and Vivian Lai.

2. Chantalle Ng

Photo Credit: Chantalle Ng

Before signing her contract with MediaCorp in May 2019, Chantalle was already part of some Channel 8 blockbuster productions such as 96°C Café and World At Your Feet. But it wasn’t until she received the Star Awards Bets Newcomer award with her performance in While We Are Young, which led her to take on her first leading role Coco in the Chinese drama The Distance Between which was entirely filmed in Western Australia.

Most recently, Chantalle has started her own business selling collagen soup under the brand Yuan collagen. According to her, there’s no salt, MSG or preservatives in the making of the soup, so healthy eaters can feast in peace!

3. Eleanor Lee

Photo Credit: Eleanor Lee

Eleanor Lee has several famous names in her family, including her parents – Singapore TV host Quan Yifeng and actor Peter Yu. After her parents’ divorce, she took on the surname of Addy Lee, who is her godfather and also a celebrity hairstylist. Eleanor is incredibly popular in China, with her latest web drama, My Poseidon, racking over 500 million views when it first screened. She even has a whopping 8.3 million followers on Weibo!

4. Regine Lim

Photo Credit: MediaCorp

Regine Lim was a popular child actor who appeared on TV at just seven years old in the 2006 drama C.I.D. Like any rising child actor, she went on to star in numerous Channel 8 dramas such as Fifty And Fabulous and You Can Be An Angel 3. Being incredibly talented, she was able to take on different diverse roles ranging from a nerdy schoolgirl to a rich heiress, and even a role of a blind character.

5. Victoria Loke

Photo Credit: Victoria Loke

Even during her debut, Victoria Loke was already starring in music videos for Anthony Cruz and modelling for international labels such as Avon, Coca-Cola and MTV. Most notably, she was cast as Fiona Tung-Cheng in Crazy Rich Asians, where she made her studio-film debut. Fun fact: She actually auditioned for the role of Kitty Pong first!

Loke is also passionate about women’s rights and even started working for the Singapore Committee for UN Women in 2018; she also advocated for the rights of sex workers and domestic workers.

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