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What is Time to You?

Time can be observed in many ways. In some situations we can sense its presence, while in others it just passes without our knowledge.

Let’s talk about when we do feel its presence. We usually feel the presence of time when we want it to pass quickly and it doesn’t. At that moment time is ticking away so slowly and inching away like a worm. When are such occasions? When we have to wait for the doctor at a polyclinic. The pain of waiting in line is something an average youth cannot cope with without something to keep us occupied; a handphone, a book, we need something!


As we wait, time passes and that’s why people say that the person you wait for must be worth your time.


On such occasions where we have to wait, we end up killing time by wasting it away. How so? Some people turn to the simple act of surfing the net or browsing Facebook even when there’s nothing interesting to look at. Time becomes something we hope will pass quickly. We also kill time sometimes to kill the boredom that comes with it. It is probably one of the reasons why guys play computer games.

Killing time?


Time becomes obvious to us when we don’t get to spend it the way we want to. When things don’t happen as fast as they are expected to. Ever felt your computer lagging? Having slow download speeds? Stuck in a traffic? These are all scenarios in which time seems to slow down on us and we feel that time is being wasted.


Not sure if the video is in slow motion or if my computer is lagging.


Besides being aware of time passing slowly, we are also aware when it passes too fast. Late for school? Rushing somewhere? They say that time is money and some movies have explored this concept on a literal note.


The movie ‘In Time’ whereby time is a currency and shown on the arms of humans


We do not feel the presence of time when we enjoy what we do so much so that time just passes us by without our notice. Reading is one such brilliant activity that makes us lose track of time.

Time to some of us, may be a routine. Our daily classes or work are something we have to go through, even our meals and the sleep we get. All these are what we spend time on and they make up our concept of time.

There is a saying that we should cherish the time we spend at the present because the present is a gift.

 Inspirational quote about how to spend your time


 So what is your concept of time?

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Writer: Samuel Low

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