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Why is Internship Important?

For some, internship is just a routine academic requirement for polytechnic students’ final year and for university undergraduates. More than that, internships should be the core of your education. It is one of the most enriching aspects of education and allows you to see more than you could in a classroom. What makes internship so important? We give you 5 reasons for you to reconsider your stand towards internships.

1)      Internship teaches you realism

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Forget your urban fairy-tales of finding a good paying and comfortable job. Scrap that. Try to find an internship and you will know the struggles behind the working class. More than crushing your naivety, it gives you a realistic aim that you can aim to achieve in the future.

2)     Internship teaches you more than classroom


There’s nothing truer than the saying that you learn more outside the classroom. Through an internship, you put your theories at work. You learn that what you’ve learnt in classroom is only the theoretical and hypothetically it is not the same with the unpredictability of real life. Other than your field of study, you learn valuable skills like time management and public relations – two important skills that cannot be taught academically.

3)     Make new friends and connections


It’s always good to make new friends. Especially in an internship, you get to be in the same “business” and this easily grants you relatable friends. Internships also allow you to meet new people. It is time to step up your game and establish relationships with people. Remember, your net-worth is your network.

4)     Make mistakes while you still can


Internship is more of a trump card for making errors and getting away with it. Just make sure you did not accidentally kill someone in the process, you’ll be fine. After all, you are here to learn and through mistakes, you learn the right way of doing things. Maybe a side-note – be smart, do not try to make the same mistakes over and over.

5)     Adventures

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Internship is all about an eye-opener experience. Have fun, make new friends, immerse yourself in the process and find joy at work. Many adventures await!

Internship should not be a bore or burden anymore. Source for your preferred work field or explore into something you love. Working can change your perspectives of life and things. We wish you all the best.

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