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World Cup on your phone? Joel TIN Celeb blogger discusses the differences between World Cup then and

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How exasperating it is for Asians who have the World Cup Fever! We need to stay up late into the wee hours of the night just to watch our favourite nations square off against one another. Now, we are even entitled to smartphone technology which allows us to watch World Cup live on our phones, skipping the unnecessary hassle of gathering in front of our big screen televisions.

Not just that, we can even know the interesting highlights of a match just by checking our Twitter Feed; suddenly everyone becomes a professional sports commentator overnight!

Wait, there’s something missing, right? Does everyone not miss the feeling of getting together with all our soccer kakis, cheering and jeering, screaming and kicking infront of our television sets for all the previous World Cups? Why is World Cup 2014 so.. different?

Joel, The Influencer Talent and also part of The Influencer TV programme, Swag Me Out, discusses the differences between World Cup then and now!

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