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Your Hacks to Great Singapore Sale 2017

If you have been saving a whole year for this very occasion, you are probably going to bag home your entire wish list at very good deals; but what if we told you the deals could be better than it already is?

Plan your List, Set your Budget Before you happily head out, get on with a list of the ‘to-die-for’ that you have been eyeing on; set out with a healthy budget, what you need to include is some spare for those moments when you grab the unplanned items. Yes, it’s sales; but burning a hole in your wallet isn’t quite the thing you’d want to do.

The word ‘SALE’ can be very enticing, so know your market and don’t assume all the items are on discount.

Fill the ‘Points’ Meter It’s shopping season and most merchants are ‘points ‘rewarding you; so power up your shopping matrix and collect them. Now is the time to dig up your membership cards, recall your membership IDs and head out to make the most out of the sale paradise.

Your membership may entitle you more than just the retail discounts, something that most merchants want to offer to thank you for the loyalty within the past year; and if that isn’t already rewarding enough, your membership points may get you some very useful freebies.

Working the Cards to your Benefit Banks are going all out to get you to spend with their credit cards too; so just keep a lookout for the promotions from the partnering banks before you checkout your purchase, this is the time when you know that owning multiple bank credit cards is a plus; with credit card cash back, points and rebates to help ease off the spike in your spending.

If you are lucky enough to win some of the treats that your banks are offering, you may just end this shopping season in a jolly good mood! After all the happiness and enjoyment, just remember to get the bills settled.

The Online Shopping Scene No butler to carry your shopping bags, no time to get out from your busy schedule or simply just want to be in the comfort of your home while you get your loots? Shopping online is your best bet if you’ve found a site that gives you the best of both worlds; which somewhat translates to things like being spoilt with choices, good service, free delivery, exchanges, affordability and promotions.

In this season, we are sharing our love and throwing in some very good deals – buy from Pepperkoko Singapore and stand a chance to win movie tickets, with up to 25 pairs up for grabs. With the ‘can’t miss’ movies screening this June and July, you will be looking good while on a date at the movies.

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