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Yum Cha – Mothers’ Day Special

Yum Cha continues to be a popular icon in Singapore in terms of delicate and delicious dim sum. With 2 more outlets apart from its Chinatown restaurant – Serangoon Gardens and Changi Business Park, Yum Cha hopes to reach out to more dim sum lovers through its expansion.

Yun Cha 86434

Well-known for its variety of dim sum, Yum Cha has launched 3 special items just for Mother’s Day this year. The items will be sold from 5th to 11th May this year, and will be sold at all outlets, except during 6pm- 11am at Serangoon Gardens Country Club outlet.

Steamed King Prawn Dumplings with Double Fish Roe [魚子龍皇餃]($3.50/piece) – This is a giant Siew Mai with the additional of a whole king prawn in the middle. Instead of traditionally using flying fish egg (tobiko), we added in the premium black sturgeon roe. Wilson Yew loved it as “the double roe explodes in [his] mouth creating a sensational delight to the taste bud.”

Lavender Buns with Shredded Coconut [熏衣草椰香飽] ($2.80/2 pieces) – using lavender buds to create a calming scent in the bun, we paired it with shredded coconut filling to give it a sweet taste. Jos’ suggested to “savour [lavender buns] slowly with some warm tea on a relaxing afternoon.”

Glazed Fruit Tart [繽紛鮮果達] ($2/piece) – The traditional fruit tart with a mandarin twist. We combined a mandarin orange, strawberry and blueberry together with our custard recipe.

For more information, join in the conversations on Yum Cha’s Facebook or check out their website for more details. If you are still clueless about what to do on Mothers’ Day, bringing your mum to Yum Cha is a great idea.

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