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5 Singaporean artists you should follow on Instagram

You don’t always have to visit an art gallery in order to view good art! Thanks to technology and social media, many Singaporean artists have taken to Instagram to promote their artwork, so you can be inspired with the click of a button. Not sure who to start following? Perhaps this list will help.

1. @artcrop

Photo Credit: Mok Zijie

Mok Zijie – also known by his Instagram moniker @artcrop, is a Singaporean artist who uses watercolour paints to create beautiful illustrations of mini houses, buildings and plants. His artworks are so small – some even as tiny as fifty cent coins – and incredibly detailed that you may need a magnifying glass to see them clearly! With over 12.6k followers on Instagram, Zijie’s popularity has also allowed him to work with renowned brands such as Daniel Wellington and PAUL HEWITT. We definitely hope to see his artwork on more brands in the future!

2. @deb.ra

Photo credit: @deb.ra

Debra Raymond’s artworks are beautiful and tasty, especially her drawings of Singaporean dishes! Born in Jakarta, Debra is inspired by her observations of urban environments and its temporary nature. Her work consists of paintings, collages, murals and sculptures – all of which can be found on her website, and have also been exhibited around the world such as Indonesia, South Korea and of course, Singapore.

3. @reza.hasni

Photo Credit: @rezna.hasni

If you’re into psychedelic pop art, you’ll love the artwork created by Reza Hasni. Reza’s work is mainly inspired by geometry, emojis and religion, and thrives on good vibes and positivity! As a full-time artist, he creates motion graphics for different social media platforms. For those interested, you can buy his artwork too with prices ranging between $180-$250.

4. @izziyanasuhaimi

Photo Credit: Izziyana Suhaimi

Izziyana is a Singaporean artist who works primarily with embroidery. They’re all beautiful and intricate, all telling a story in their own way. Izziyana has been featured in magazines such as Nylon Singapore, Frankie Magazine and CATALOG, with her works being exhibited in countries such as Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan.

Photo Credit: Yana & Jun

5. @yanandjun

Yana & Jun are the duo and co-founders behind BÜRO UFHO, a visual design studio based in Singapore since 2008. They work on a range of graphic designs including illustrations, lettering and 3D, and you may have seen their visuals being displayed at festivals such as GIF Fest and Neon Lights. Yana & Jun also boast an impressive clientele such as Apple, Facebook, Coca-Cola, HP, Heineken and Nike. Be sure to check out their Instagram for your daily dose of creativity!

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