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5 ways to contribute to Singapore’s art scene

Due to the pandemic, many theatre productions and studios were forced to halt their activities or shift performances online. Undeniably, the arts scene in Singapore has been hit hard and performers everywhere are struggling to stay afloat. With that, here are 5 ways you can help and contribute to the Singapore art scene.

1. Donate to Esplanade

Photo Credit: Esplanade

Whether it’s donating $10 to help build their new waterfront theatre or adopting a tree, there are so many ways you can donate to Esplanade. Every $10 you chip in will cover transportation for two beneficiaries to enjoy a performance at Esplanade; and if you have deeper pockets, you can contribute $200 for two beneficiaries to attend an arts workshop on top of transportation and tickets for an Esplanade performance.

To honour a loved one or commemorate a special occasion, you can also mark a bench (from $3,000) or adopt a tree (from $8,000) by engraving a message onto a personalised plaque.

2. Contribute artwork to the Singapore Art Museum

No money? No problem – at least if you have fantastic art skills.

Photo Credit: Singapore Art Museum

The Singapore Art Museum (SAM) is open to artwork donations that align with the theme and mission of the Museum. Of course, your work will need to be evaluated according to criteria by SAM’s curatorial team, and if accepted will be appreciated by visitors all over the world.

If you’d still like to donate cash, you can do so by donating online, cheque or via band transfer. Your contribution will support SAM’s building fund as well as educational and outreach initiatives.

3. Donate to Singapore Book Council

Photo Credit: Singapore Book Council Limited

The Singapore Book Council (SBC) is a registered charity relying heavily on donations to fund their festivals and programmes. SBC is currently holding a donation campaign called A New BeGiving: Give to SingLit!, so head over to the Giving.SG page if you’d like to help out the literary arts scene.

4. Pay-as-you-wish for local art programmes and workshops

Photo Credit: Pangdemonium

Some of us may be familiar with certain Singapore theatre companies and want to show our support. One good way is to attend pay-as-you-wish programmes where you basically buy tickets or pay for workshops. Theatre groups such as Wild Rice, Pangdemonium and Checkpoint Theatre also offer free online performances but audiences are free to pay the amount they choose.

SISTIC has compiled a list of theatre groups with links to their respective donation pages. Do head over if you’re feeling generous!

5. Support contemporary dance

Photo Credit: Frontier Danceland

Frontier Danceland is a non-profit organisation and professional dance company in Singapore. Like any NPO, they depend on contributions and donations to keep their productions going. Not only will you help offset costs of overseas production and hiring of international choreographers by donating, you’ll also lessen the financial costs of buying costumes and props.

Students who donate $50 are entitled to a one-year Friends of Frontier Danceland membership – also applicable for non-students at a minimum donation of $80.

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