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Art Exhibitions in Singapore to visit this month

With the number of Covid-19 community cases stabilizing in Singapore, malls and eateries have started to reopen slowly with safe distancing measures in place. If you’re still wary about visiting crowded places, add these art exhibitions to your list of places to visit instead – you won’t be swarmed by seas of people, and can immerse yourself in the peace and tranquility of art.

1. Gallery Light Up by National Gallery Singapore

Photo Credit: National Gallery Singapore

If you find yourself in Downtown Singapore, keep a look out for the red and white illuminated façade that is featured on the National Gallery Singapore’s exterior. Inspired by works from the gallery’s national collection, the rotating projection makes for great photo ops that’ll light up your IG feed with artworks by Kassian Cephas, Loo Hui King and Choo Keng Kwang.

Dates: Now-30 August 2020

Admission fee: Free

2. Flowers Wilting in a New Day

Photo Credit: Ota Fine Arts

If you’re a fan of Hong Kong-based artist Chris Huen, you’ll be thrilled to know that he is holding his first solo exhibition, ‘Flowers Wilting in a New Day’ in Singapore at Ota Fine Arts. The collection features his 7 latest works which are all spontaneously drawn from memory – which is super impressive! We also love how he incorporates themes from his surrounding environment into his artwork, which are portrayed though his signature brush strokes.

Dates: Now-3 October 2020

Admission fee: Free

3. Future World

Photo Credit: teamLab

You may have been to Future World before, but do you know that they’ve since installed 5 new digital artworks? Fans of nature will be awed by additions such as Proliferating Immense Life, A Whole Year per Year – a giant interactive mural of blooming flowers, as well as The Way of Birds where birds leave behind a trail of light as they fly through space. Future World will definitely offer you an immersive, out-of-this-world experience that is best shared with family and friends!

Admission fee: $7-$17

4. Gentle Daylight

Photo Credit: Artsy

Show your Singaporean spirit by supporting local artist Ashley Yeo’s solo exhibition at Mizuma Gallery. Gentle Daylight features paper sculptures through transference, as well as subtle colors and unique textures. If you’re someone who prefers delicate, minimal art, this is the exhibition for you!

Dates: Now-13 September 2020

Admission fee: Free

5. Walking in the City

Photo Credit: Plural Art Mag

Just like its name, this exhibition will catch the attention of passersby “Walking in the City” along Bras Basah Road and Queen Street. The outdoor artworks are accessible at all times and most importantly – free!

The second commission of the series by Singaporean artist Heman Chong features two exhibitions titled Safe Entry and Writing While Walking And Other Stories.

Dates: Now-6 December 2020

Admission fee: Free

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