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Beauty Comes at a Price

Beauty comes at a price, a small one at that, with the non-invasive aesthetic treatment available at South Bridge Aesthetics.

Yes, you have probably heard of a dozen other aesthetic clinics by now, so what makes South Bridge Aesthetics so special? Located on South Bridge Road, it was set up with the goal to offer competitive prices, to make it affordable for the average person and one which provides a comfortable, cosy environment.


If you are the typical guy who hasn’t experienced such treatments before, you will be concerned with certain things and in our interview with Dr. Winston, Medical Director of South Bridge Aesthetics, he answered some of our queries.


Here is some background information on Dr. Winston:

Graduating from the National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Medicine in 2005, Dr Lee possesses ten years of experience across a diverse range of disciplines. These include renal medicine, endocrinology, rehabilitation medicine, and emergency medicine.  In addition to stints as a general practitioner, Dr. Lee – who also holds a Masters Degree in Public Health – was stationed at the Accident & Emergency units at several restructured public hospitals. Dr. Lee was also a medical advisor to global pharmaceutical companies such as Glaxo SmithKline and Sanofi Aventis.

Qn: What led you to setting up this clinic?

Ans: It was due to an entrepreneur streak where my paths crossed with investor friends and relatives. With their support, I decided to set up this clinic and I couldn’t have done it without them because it requires high capital outlay.

Qn: What should our readers expect if it is their first time going for aesthetic treatments?

Ans: There will be a consultation session for patients to address their concerns as they may face issues with the pigmentation on their skin or sometimes they may have saggy skin. Downtime is also a concern. During this session, I will provide them with more information and for some patients, in might be in their interest to do a combination of treatments.

Qn: Does any of your aesthetic treatments have downtime?

Ans: No, if any, they are minimal. Patients might experience mild redness but due to the non-invasive nature of the treatments, they are safe.

Qn: What inspired you to combine both treatments to come up with Ulti-Lift?

Ans: It was from personal experience. I went sourcing personally and I discovered that it produced better results. Both Ulthera and Thermage are established procedures on their own. By combining the two, it works even better and we know it for certain because we have tried it. Most clinics do not provide both forms of treatment and South Bridge Aesthetics is one of the first clinics in Singapore to offer a revolutionary programme that combines two of the most popular treatments – Thermage and Ulthera- for maximum results. Patients who have tried it are satisfied.

Qn: What should we expect for Ulti-Lift?

Ans: There will be two separate sessions on different days, both a week apart and we will schedule in the availability of the patients. They will be given time to recuperate and provided pain medicine for relief. Generally after treatments, patients do not face any issues and there is no down time. However, for certain patients, the skin of jaw may feel tender for a few days, however patients will look absolutely normal.

So with all the answers that Dr Winston has provided us, we are confident that his aesthetic treatments are safe and will yield the results we hope to achieve. Having tried their Carbon Laser Peel Treatment for myself, I can assure you that you will step in and out of the clinic looking radiant. After the treatment, some of these lotions are applied to hydrate your skin, giving it more moisture and adding to it vitamin C. Sunblock is also applied to protect your skin.


So what are you waiting for? For those who hope to look better in terms of facial complexion, make your appointment at South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic now. Visit for more information.

South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic 277 South Bridge Rd Singapore 058826 Monday to Friday – 10am to 6pm, Saturday – 10am to 3pm Telephone: 9730 8999

Writer: Samuel Low 

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