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Beer, Food and Friends @ 26 Tapas Bar

Located along Kandahar Street is 26 Tapas Bar, the place to go to if you enjoy fusion tapas. Never heard of tapas before? Well, tapas is a wide variety of appetizers in Spanish cuisine.

Why is the bar named 26 Tapas Bar you might wonder. It is not only the unit number of the bar but it also represents the goal which the bar seeks to achieve; 26 different tapas. The owners of the bar, Woody Hein and Hogan Chang, strongly believe in 3 things: Quality, Presentation and Affordability.

                          Woody and Hogan, the proud owners of 26 Tapas Bar

Being a young tapas and café-hopper himself, Woody understands the importance of price and quality of food. As such, 26 Tapas Bar provides high-quality tapas at affordable price. There is also a heavy emphasis on the presentation of the food, as Woody also believes that visual presentation of the tapas makes the whole dining experience complete.

As one can observe from the layout of the bar, it is very cozy and comfortable with its black and pink theme.

According to them, the bar is for customers to dine, drink and dart. The youthful and lively ambience in 26 Tapas Bar allows customers to feel energetic and spirited. For all the foodies out there who enjoy food sharing, 26 Tapas Bar is the most appropriate place for BFFs (beer, food and friends)!

The draught beer at 26 Tapas bar is Singapore’s very own Archi Pelago, which is very popular amongst youngsters owing to the fruity taste. There are also other beer brands to choose from such as Brothers Cider, Banana Bread Beer, Brompton ice tea and Double Choco Stout just to name a few.

Recognized as one of 26 Tapas Bar’s specialties, two different flavored shots are introduced monthly. For example, Paddle Pop Shots and QX26 Shots are the 2 specially concocted shots for the month of June.

paddle pop shots

Paddle pop shots!

For non-drinkers and/or social drinkers out there, Paddle Pop Shots are specially created for you! The alcohol concentration is very mild and Paddle Pop Shots are all about fun and enjoyment! If you prefer shots with slightly higher alcohol concentration, then QX26 Shots are for you! The shots come in both red and blue colors; the classic and iconic colors of the police, hence the name.  Try mixing the shots and watch what happens!

QX26 shots

In their extensive menu, there is also pizza. If you like pizza with crispy, thin crusts, you will definitely love this. The bar offers pizzas with the most creative names. Ever heard of pizzas named Bulls Eye or Ugly Duckling? Now you do.


Ugly Duckling Pizza

Introducing the Tapas!

photo 5

Spud Halves

Spud halves are potatoes baked to perfection. They are stuffed with bacon and melted cheese and decorated with alfafa sprouts. The potatoes come with a special sauce that contains blue cheese. Baked potato fans will enjoy this dish!

Dory Sumbuca

Dory Sambuca

Dory Sambuca. The dory fish comes with a salad dressed in tangy sauce. Presented in a cocktail cup, the dish looks very elegant and classy. To top it up, Sambuca is lit and drizzled over the dory fish which leaves behind a sweet alcoholic aftertaste. Being a fish lover, I strongly recommend this dish.

 Seared scallops

Seared scallops. What else can I say? They look so exquisite and they are definitely worth the price. After finishing one, you will want another serving.

Interview Questions

Qn: Why tapas of all cuisines?

Ans: Sharing is caring. With Woody and Hogan’s creativity and Chef Dicky’s culinary skills, they are able to improvise on the menus to suit the liking of customers and are very flexible in fulfilling customers requests.

Qn: What can you expect in the upcoming month?

Ans: As for July’s Shot Special, the bar will be launching Gummy Bear Shots and one more shot that will be announced on 1st of July. So stay tuned on their Facebook @ for the revealing of the other shot!

With National Day coming up, the bar is focusing is on food with a local theme. One of the dishes will be Laksa pizza and as for the shots, one can expect localized flavours such as Barley, Bandung and perhaps even Milo!

Qn: What is your personal recommendation?

Hogan: Steak cubes. The texture of the steak cubes is done just right and with the brown sauce recipe that comes with it, what more can I ask for. So beef lovers out there, be sure to try it out.

Woody: I will strongly recommend our seared scallops. It’s not easy to prepare because the fire needs to be controlled at the optimal temperature. The outer layer needs to be seared, while at the same time, the interior is gently warmed such that the meat remains sweet, juicy and succulent.

26 Tapas Bar is currently having a lunch promotion at $9.90 nett from 12-3pm, T&Cs apply.

The new tapas they are serving are Spud Halves, Drum Drum Drum & Cajun Fajitas. Shots of the month (June) are PaddlePop and QX26.

new tapas_june

26 Tapas Bar

26 Kandahar Street Singapore 198888


Writer: Samuel Low

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