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Interesting arts-related courses you can sign up for

If you’re interested in the arts, Singapore is one of the best places to be to pursue a career in the arts scene – be it music, dance or fashion. There are tons of courses out there for you to help kick start the road to your dream career, and we’ve narrowed down a few for you in this list!

1. Basic Academy’s Professional Modelling Course

Photo Credit: Basic Models Management

Here’s how you can start your journey to be the next supermodel of Singapore! Basic Academy’s Professional Modelling Course will teach you the knowledge and skills to achieve your modelling dream, and expose you to the industry through collaborations with industry professionals. You’ll also learn the insights to modelling, makeup, skincare, and how to work that catwalk.

Several notable Singaporean models have also attended this Professional Modelling Course, such as Layla Ong and Yosub Yun.

2. Diploma in Fashion Design (NAFA)

Photo Credit: NAFA Singapore

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a contestant on Project Runway, or aspire to dress Hollywood A-Listers one day, consider pursuing a Diploma in Fashion Design at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts!

Here, you’ll build your knowledge of design via a range of creative projects, industry visits and guest speakers, and get a chance to put your skills to the test through national and international competitions. After three years, you’ll be equipped with all the skills to take on the fashion world.

3. Diploma in Dance (Lasalle)

Photo Credit: The LASALLE Show

Lasalle’s Diploma in Dance is a 3-year, full time course that’ll allow you to pursue a career as a dancer, dance teacher, choreographer or arts manager. Not only will you learn how to take the stage as an expressive and confident dancer, you’ll also be able to fulfil artistic and commercial demands – thanks to the close guidance of Lasalle’s skilled and experienced lecturers. The course also consists of an internship module where you will gain first-hand industry experience and practice skills beyond the classroom.

4. Diploma in Music Teaching (NAFA)

Photo Credit: NAFA

For those of you aspiring to become music teachers, the Diploma in Music Teaching would be the first step to achieve this goal. Through this course, students will learn the relevant instrumental teachings and performing skills required in a music educator through contextual studies, musicianship skills, stylistic studies and even music therapy.

5. Ceramics for Absolute Beginners I, II & III (Lasalle)

Photo Credit: C3A

Have an interest in pottering? Whether you’re an art student, art enthusiastic or teacher, the Ceramics for Absolute Beginners I, II & III course is perfect for people interested in developing their clay making skills. Here, you’ll learn to use clay to form objects – both functional and non-functional – through techniques such as pinching, coiling and slab construction. In part II & III, you will learn more complex techniques such as wheel-throwing. This course is also claimable under SkillsFuture credit.

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