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Popular child stars in Singapore – where are they now?

Have you ever wondered what your favorite child actors are doing in 2021? Today we bring you a short update on five of the (once) most popular child stars in Singapore, and what they’re up to today.

1. Noriff Danial Ashriq

Image Credit: The Singapore Women

Noriff Danial Ashriq was a popular child actor who appeared in TV series Police and Thief when he was 13. His later went on to host the TV show Mat Yo-yo and appeared in several movies and shows such as Repossession (2019), Verdict (2015) and Kin (2018). The cute child actor from 2004 is now a father to two young boys, and he frequently posts about them on his social media.

2. Eric Huang

Image Credit: Her World

I Not Stupid was one of our favorite childhood movies, and if you memory serves you well, you may remember Eric Huang who acted as this cute chubby student. Huang later starred in Homerun (2003) and Colour Of Hope (2007), but quit the showbiz after that. He was last seen pursuing his university education at National Chengchi University in Risk Management and Insurance.

3. Megan Zheng

Image Credit: 8 Days

Megan Zheng was the first Singaporean to ever win a Golden Horse Award and Best New Performer for her role in Homerun (2003) due to her brilliance in acting. Unfortunately her acting career was short lived and she stopped acting after the film One More Chance (2005). Currently, she is pursuing Business Management at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM).

4. Fiona Xie

Image Credit: CY@CY Says

Anyone who was a fan of Growing Up would remember Fiona Xie, the adorable child star who graced our TV screens in the early 2000s. She later went on to star in a string of hit Channel 8 dramas such as My Genie (2001) and An Enchanted Life (2006). However she left MediaCorp in 2009 and went under the radar for 7 years, traveling around the globe before returning to Singapore to film Left Behind in 2016. Most recently, Xie made her Hollywood debut costarring in the Warner Bros film Crazy Rich Asians.

5. Michelle Chia

Image Credit: 8 Days

Although she first stared as a role as the slightly chubby teenage housekeeper in Vow of Celibacy (1990), Michelle was later known to be one of Singapore’s sexiest women. She also went on to host many food shows such as Yummy King and Our Makan Places: Lost And Found. The busy girl now juggles owning a hair salon, Chinese oracy school and an investment company. Talk about being an all-rounder!


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