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[Review] Ditch All Rules with MITJU’s Customisable ‘Tick-Tack’ Shoes!

Last Thursday, MITJU successfully launched their latest collection – customisable ‘Tick-Tack’ shoes – at ION Orchard, with more than 30 bloggers from The Influencer Network attending the event and customising their very own pair of Tick-Tack shoes. Thanks to MITJU’s generosity, I was able to customise one for myself too and like everyone else, I was spoilt for choices.


Am I the only one who thinks that the bright colours remind me of Skittles? Amidst all these ‘candies’, bright yellow, cheerful orange, and electric blue are some colours that really caught my eyes a first glance. Choice of accessories range from cutesy bows to glamorous gold plates, girly flowers to faux diamond, which is why one pair of Tick-Tack shoes might be the only one you need for plenty of occasions.

For someone who has more monochrome pieces than coloured ones in her wardrobe, I knew I would choose black despite having so many other options. Not just because it’s a safe option, but I was also lacking a pair of formal looking flats to create more sophisticated looks. As for the shoe’s material, I was torn between leather and synthetic suede. Eventually, I settled for the latter because it kind of hugs my relatively wide feet more comfortably.

These flats can go so well with anything! I can already imagine myself pairing it with: 1) a classic LBD for events 2) work pants on weekdays 3) casual monochrome outfits on weekends. The best part is, all I need to do is purchase more stuck-on accessories from MITJU to transform these plain flats into something completely different for other occassions! How convenient and wallet-friendly!

Call me a sua-ku, but this is the first time I’ve shopped with an order form! I thought this was a really fun idea from MITJU, because it makes me feel like I’m customising a pair of shoes straight from the factory. A pair that is strictly created FOR ME and no one else. Like the product DNA says, ‘No rules, anything goes’, customers can finally be free from the restrictions of choosing from what has already been designed for us on the rack. These Tick-Tack shoes will be the voice of YOU, and best representation of YOUR personality and fashion style.

I guess the best thing about this collection is that every girl, regardless of taste and personality, can customise a pair that suits her best. No matter if you are into a specific look (like me), or enjoy mixing-and-matching different colours and accessories to create distinct looks for all kinds of occasions, you can’t go wrong with MITJU’s newest Tick-Tack range.

I’m in love with them, and even with two pairs of accessories to play around with, I’m not sure if I can keep myself from going back to the store and purchase more. With their affordable prices ($26.90 for the shoes, $6.90 – $14.90 for accessories), there is no reason not to pamper yourself with more choices!

Have fun Tick-Tacking away!


This new collection will be available at the following locations in Singapore from 25 July 2014 onwards:

– Mitju ION Orchard #B4-28 – Mitju Plaza Singapura #B1-15

Alternatively, customers can purchase the shoes online from (late August 2014 – do look out for it!)

Writer: Liu Zhiying

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