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5 Singaporean Stand-up Comedians that will get you laughing

Life is serious as it is, and sometimes all we need is a good laugh to loosen it up. If you need to let go of some stressors, it’s time to get acquainted with Singapore’s top five comedians!

1. Fakkah Fuz

Image Credit: IMDb

Fakkah Fuzz is a familiar name that doesn’t need an introduction, especially if you watch Netflix! Besides winning numerous stand-up competitions locally, he is also the first Singaporean comedian to have his own stand-up comedy special on Netflix – Almost Banned. While he did come under fire for his jokes against Malaysian’s Prime Minister in 2016, he later apologised for it and his presence in the region has only gotten larger since.

2. Kumar

Image Credit: Kumar

Kumar is undoubtedly the OG of all Singapore stand-up comedians, and has spent nearly thirty years in the scene. He is best known for performing in drag with over the top gowns and extravagant hairstyles, and is one of the few openly gay prominent public figures in Singapore.

3. Sharul Channa

Image Credit: Generation T

Sharul Channa is well-known for her witty jokes that shed light on traditions, identity and being an Asian woman in media. She also uses her voice and comedy to highlight challenges faced by the modern women, and her popularity is immense – proven by her sold-out shows such as Crazy Poor Sita and Disco Sheela.

4. Ronnie Chieng

Image Credit: IMDb

Remember this guy? He appeared as Eddie – Nick Young’s status-obsessed cousin on Crazy Rich Asians! Ronny Chieng is also an incredibly successful comedian with his own U.S. comedy tour, own Netflix show, as well as being a correspondent on The Daily Show.

5. Hirzi Zulkiflie

Image Credit: Liminal Magazine

Seven years ago, Hirzi Zulkiflie made a name for himself with his hilarious sketches and parodies with fellow comedian Munah Bagharib. Today, he performs stand-up routines locally and in Malaysia, and also keeps himself busy with the BenZi project alongside singer Benjamin Kheng.


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