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Rest Comfortably at Crowne Plaza, The Hotel For You

Haver you just ended a day’s flight at Changi Airport and are looking to find a hotel to catch up with some much needed rest? Look no further. There’s a hotel that will meet all your needs right within Changi Airport itself.

Crowne Plaza is unlike other hotels. Designed around a theme of Contemporary Asia, with a focus on tropical plants and textiles. These themes are literally woven into the very fabric of the hotel.  At the ground level, the smooth flowing walls embrace and envelop the guest in warm tones of timber. The walls peel off and come together like strips in a weaving.


The lobby lounge faces a rainforest garden and is decorated with tropical orchids. The furniture in the lobby lounge is derived from tropical fruits, both in colour and form. There are benches like slices of papaya at the front door, while the various chairs use the concept of “peel” and “seeds” in the detailing of fabrics and cushions.


At the guest room level, the hotel resembles that of a resort hotel. The surrounding infrastructure is seen through a screen that is derived from orchids and within this screen is a series of courtyards framed by room blocks and open ventilated corridors.


The room blocks are painted in the ivory, indigo and burnt sienna colours of Malaysian batiks. At the exterior, the orchid screen transforms the painted wall into a three-dimensional flower textile which also provides some form of shading to the entire façade, cooling the building and saving energy.

The guest rooms have a theme of calm nature, as a soothing respite from the strain and artificial environment of travel. The rooms feature natural light in the bathrooms, baths with a view, huge windows and a very large desks and layout spaces.



The rooms in Crowne Plaza are spacious and very elegantly decorated. You will find the bed and the seats available are comfortable and to your liking. The view from the rooms is also quite spectacular, as one can catch a glimpse of the nearby scenery.  If you are looking for a place to rest for the night or to enjoy a short stay at Singapore, Crowne Plaza is the perfect choice.

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Address: 75 Airport Boulevard #01-01 Singapore, 819664 Singapore Website: Phone: 1800 787 1221

Writer: Samuel Low

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